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Boss Moves
Master Class

When did being a business owner mean I also became a Boss?” Now you can learn the ENTIRE process and lead your team to success!

This on demand course lays out the managing HOW TO foundation best practices in 5 easy lessons. You CAN step into the Boss role so that your team can perform well, you can confidently lead AND they will help build the success within your company!

Protect the team.
Expect from the team.


Escape The Hiring Loop Program

Our ground-breaking Signature program that develops YOUR HIRING SKILLS allowing you to build your own kick ass team!

It is time to be done with the disappointing hires and the under-performing staff. Use this program on your SCHEDULE so that 24/7 you can develop your own skills through this step by step, predictable and fully repeatable process to be able to:

IDENTIFY – what exactly your business needs

ATTRACT – define the success markers for your dream team.

MATCH – create the documentation to make each hire PROVE they are worthy of you, your clients and the job!


Peer Groups AND Talmar?
Heck YES!

Quick and focused this is a plan for scaling YOUR business in just 90 days. You and a few of your peers in a virtual mastermind that
delivers on YOUR:
Organizational Structure
Hiring Process
Managing Best Practices

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Wish there was a secret club you could join with other entrepreneur Bosses to find answers about firing, when to give a raise or how to have the best team possible? 

It’s no secret!!!

Freedom comes from stepping into the Boss role, hiring the best possible people for what your business needs and scaling your growth on purpose.

The kick ass part comes from leading a team that is great at what they do!


“People ask if this is worth it and I tell them when I started I thought it was an investment but now I have a skill set!! The training, with what you are doing, the value is fantastic! You are buying a skill set instead of a headhunter. It is extremely valuable!”

Zac Boddy
Chief Executive Officer
Intuitive Technologies

1-1 & Customized Work

Let’s start EXACTLY where you and your business are today. Not every business has needs that are linear…especially when it comes to the “people” side of business. The Hiring Accelerator provides 1-1 custom organizational consulting, a designed and done for you hiring process based on the signature program of Escape The Hiring Loop (including lifetime access to the online program) and Boss best practices along with coaching through a real world hire inside this 4 month engagement.


8 Weeks
5 Experts
7 Next Level Topic / Content
1 Thriving Result

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Dorothy Illson, CEO, Needles Eye Media